We're excited to launch our NEW rewards program! This is a great way to give back and show some love to all our new customers, and of course, our ever-so loyal customers that have been supporting us throughout the years. With that said, here's a breakdown of how you can take advantage of our rewards program. 

Loyalty Rewards - For every $10 spent = 1pt. Points can be redeemed anytime. You can either keep racking up the points or use it with your current purchase. 

In order to earn the Loyalty Rewards, you must have an active account and be logged in to place your order online. 

Loyalty points can be found under "My Loyalty Points" in the last column once logged in. 

To redeem points, login to your account and click "Transform my points into a voucher of..." under My Loyalty Points in the last column. Once a voucher code is created automatically, apply it towards your next purchase. Click HERE to sign in.  

Hope that clears up our latest incentive rewards program! Let us know if there are any questions by emailing us at contact@evavarro.com